“ How different is working in a startup compared to larger companies? ”

Harriet J. asked a question in topic Life at the Company
to Charlotte R. Account Coordinator, PathMotion

Charlotte R.

Hi Harriet! The experience is different, the team is much smaller than the teams in which I have worked in the past which means I get to work with everyone at PathMotion, including the co-founders! This has been a really valuable experience for me and I have learnt so much already from my colleagues and from the work in which I have been involved. As the team is quite small, I was encouraged to be very independent and had a lot of responsibility and contact with clients from early on in the internship. This meant that I could see the contribution my work was having right from the beginning of my time here!

Nassim G.

The human adventure of a startup worth it… The impact that anyone can bring on is awesome as the value to create could be everywhere…

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